Fel yeah!


Why isn’t this comic funny?

Because you have probably never played World of Warcraft. That is a huge shame.

Or, perhaps you have played World of Warcraft, but you’re not so familiar with magi and warlocks. That is an even huger shame.



How is this comic made?    

Libre Office Impress. It’s the Linux version of Microsoft Power Point.

I put shapes on a blank slide and resize, recolor, relocate, and rotate until pretty pictures happen. This is not what Impress is for, but I love the challenge.



One Libre Office Lock…mostly circles, adjustable circle pie thingies, and trapezoids.


Didn’t believe me?






Who is the warlock?

The warlock (lock for short) takes pride in her prowess with dark magic and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Though she specializes in destructive spells, she isn’t afraid to inflict a bit of physical pain or even summon a few demons when the situation calls for it.

While the mage appreciates abstraction and always holds to his principles, the warlock is more concrete and likes to solve things here and now. The lock keeps the mage’s head out of the clouds, while the mage keeps hers out of the sand.

When not busy with benign arson or demonic rituals, the warlock enjoys long walks, eating frosting, and looking at brightly-colored objects. Notably, her favorite color is purple.



Who is the mage?

The mage is the mage. That is all you need to know.